Thursday, June 12, 2014


We've been having some ARTrageous times here at Marlowe these past few days!
We've worked on gradation of color (color box 3) and visual discrimination of dimension (pink tower) - both qualities a good artist must have. 
We have learned the names of many masterpieces and even created some of our own!
On the first day of camp, the children sculpted with play dough. They learned to make a sphere, snake, and bowl. They then took the dough home so they could work with it there. As the week progressed, the children gave their own take on some of the more famous masterpieces. 
Stary Night ~ Vincent vanGogh
Self Portrait ~ Pablo Picasso
Campbell's Soup Cans ~ Andy Warhol
Composition with Red, Yellow, and Blue ~ Piet Mondrian 
The children even did some oil painting. 
After coloring a sheet of paper, they painted the back with vegetable oil to give their work a stained-glass effect. 
This morning, the children took their artistic skills to the kitchen and decorated some delicious cupcakes. 
Tomorrow, we paint with chocolate. 
Hope to see you for next week's Under The Sea camp!

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