Monday, April 30, 2018

April at Marlowe

Our theme this month was all about space and our solar system, but it turned out to be a very musical month as well! Ms. Mary came for a visit and introduced the children to a variety of flutes from around the world. 
One of our rising Kindergarteners brought her harp to school and simultaneously sang and played Dites Moi.
We also got a very special visit from a granddad who just so happens to be William King! Mr. King gave us a trumpet presentation, read Listen to My Trumpet by Mo Willems, handed out trumpets to all the children, and ended the visit with a dance party to his classic hit, "Brick House". 
In honor of Earth Day, we learned all about our planet and its solar system. We read How to Dig a Hole to the Other Side of the World and received a lesson on the layers of the Earth. 
We planted some grass seed, observed yet another bulb erupt, and acquired a Venus fly trap. 
We learned about various constellations (check out the four-year-old's work below), and we folded a giant paper airplane!
Both campuses had appropriately themed Secret Chef snacks.
We got started on our top-secret Mother's Day craft.
And as always, we enjoyed exploring the materials in our classroom. 
We can't wait to show off our lessons at next week's Afternoon at Marlowe!