Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Countdown

What a fun past few days we have had!! 
Last Friday, we walked outside to find ANIMALS on the playground!!!!
This week, in preparation for Halloween, a Secret Chef visited our classroom and helped us make ghosts and spiders out of bananas!
For the big day itself, we all dressed up and spent the day singing, dancing, crafting, and having lots of fun. 
Happy Halloween!!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Music and More (an iPhone Photo Dump)

As I was uploading photos from my phone, I noticed several pictures I had not yet shared.

Several weeks ago, Ms. Mary and Mr. Bob came for their highly anticipated monthly music hour. They brought pictures, clothing, and instruments from Africa and Japan, and they taught us several new songs from each place. They also taught us a song about flowers that was sung both with spoken words and sign language!
We learned all about the human body last month, so one of our children brought in his life-sized skeleton to share for show-and tell. We loved being able to see it and learn many new bone names!
Also, our older children have been working a lot on spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and writing neatly. They do an amazing job on paper with dotted lines, but the children's new challenge is writing on wide-ruled paper.
We have also been working on story writing. The children have been writing so much, some of their composition books are almost full!  Below are a couple of the stories our four- and five-year-olds have written over the past few weeks. Most are completely unedited and have all original spellings. (Overwhelmed by the creativity, I snapped a picture of the stories to send to the children's mommies before we had a chance to correct any mistakes.)

It's Fall!!

The children were busy both in and outside school last week! One of our wonderful parent volunteers helped us change out the flowers in our window boxes, and the children had lots of fun planting and tidying up the playground.

Inside, the children were busy getting new lessons and working with old favorites.
At one point last week, I looked up, startled by how quiet the classroom was, and found everyone busy working. :)
I also love how the colder weather has brought sweaters and coats into the classroom. They give us lots of practice taking off and putting on jackets, zipping, buttoning, and hanging.
Just as a reminder, the children love uncut sandwiches, apples, and oranges in their snacks and lunches. We have apple slicers, sandwich cutters, and orange juicers for them to use. :)

Friday, October 17, 2014

What I Did Today!

Today, between lessons, I did my best to follow several of our two-year-olds as they worked their way around our classroom. The following pictures are shown in order from about 8:45 (after morning carpool) to 10:45 (when the little ones start cleaning up and getting ready for recess).