Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Princesses, Spies, and Super Heroes

Princesses and Super Heroes...what could be more fun??
We started the week by exploring the idea of the modern super hero. The children created their own costumes, dabbled in comic strip creation, and made some popsicle stick and cut-out heroes of their own.  
The children worked tirelessly to become proud superheroes. 
We then jumped back in time and studied Rome, Greece, and the superheroes (gods) of the ancient world. We read their stories and compared their characters to the heroes of Marvel and DC. 
 We then leapt into medieval times where we learned about knights, castles, and royalty. We listened to minstrel music, learned some courtly dances, and created a play-sized castle!
The following week, new recruits showed up to spy training and found they could not enter without a hand and retinal scan.
Headquarters was stationed in a previously abandoned castle.
The first order of action was creating a new identity for each agent.
Agents learned the secret password and handshake as well as some essential hand signals. 
After a quick course on vexillology (the study of flags), the special agents created coded bracelets, secret messages, and facial composites. They also gathered evidence and solved several classroom mysteries. 
And just like that, summer ended. I hope you all enjoy the remaining days of vacation, and I look forward to seeing you all soon!