Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Surprises

We have had several special surprises in our classroom recently! 
A Secret Chef came for a visit and helped us capture the magic of a rainbow in a jar.  
We got a guinea pig of our very own to take care of and love, and we had the opportunity to host a practice teacher from the International Montessori Training Institute. 
metal insets; cards and counters
hand washing; bow frame
We have loved having Ms. Stephanie give lots of new lessons. 
addition strip board; color box 3: gradation of colors
subtraction finger chart; Draw Write Now
knobbless cylinders
After reading a book about different types of homes, one of our pre-K students drew a picture of each type he leaned about.
mopping up a spill; metal insets; scrubbing art trays

color box 3; number rods
I can't wait to see what springtime excitement next week brings!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Marco Polo

We took advantage of the beautiful weather yesterday and had so much fun playing lots of games outside, including Duck-Duck-Goose, Marco Polo (while crawling), and Ring Around The Rosie.
We continued the fun indoors and enjoyed many new lessons. 
This afternoon, one little girl gave two of her friends a lesson on the 100 chain.
It has been so fun watching your children grow this year! In case you have been wondering where all of your child's "work" has been this week, I have been hanging onto it and will give it to you during your conference. I can't wait to brag about everyone during our parent-teacher conferences next week!