Sunday, October 21, 2012

Petting Zoo Fun

We had a petting zoo come to visit last week! We love this family farm's gentle animals and have had them come to visit three years in a row. The children really enjoyed getting to pet and play with all the animals, but the six-week-old bunnies were definitely the most loved! I must say, I was incredibly impressed by how well some of our littlest ones caught and carefully held the chickens and rabbits!

Friday, October 19, 2012

October at Marlowe

What a great month! I can't believe how much everyone has grown just since August!!
 Can you find our class pets? 
We have a fish, a frog, and a snail to take care of and love. Thank you Wills and Walker!

Izzy and Bear went to the beach and caught all kinds of ocean creatures! 
Their mom brought hermit crabs and blue crabs for us to see.
We've had lots of fun with pumpkins. First with painting jack-o-lanterns...
and then decorating tasty pumpkin muffins. The stems are made from okra -- delicious!!