Saturday, February 2, 2019

January at Marlowe

We love science! We had so much fun this month exploring all the features of a book one of our sweet friends donated to the class.
This book was especially appropriate since were able to visit a full-scale planetarium at the Tellus museum for this month's playdate.
 Some of our other experiments included trying our hands at creating clouds inside the classroom! 
Along with learning about the wonders of the water cycle, we also learned all about the Arctic and Antarctic. 
Ms. Mary spent a couple days giving the children a tour of music from around the world, and she shared some Nordic and Inuit songs as well. 
Though we have yet to see snow ourselves this season, as luck would have it, two of our classmates were able to take snapshots of some during their trip to our northern neighbor. They were also able to bring back plenty of maple syrup and were generous enough to give us each our own bottle to take home and enjoy!
Our Secret Chef of the month kept to our winter theme and helped us make a delicious Ice Road Trucking snack.
After our two-week break, the children were excited to get back into the classroom. As always, our puzzle maps were incredibly popular. 
The older boys challenged themselves to learning all the states and labeling the map without a control...
and map making caught the eye of several of our young four-year-olds (all of whom were three when school started in August). 
Next month is a short one, but we have a lot of fun activities crammed into the three short weeks we will be in school. I can't wait to share them with you!