Sunday, July 16, 2017

Camping, Experimenting, & Exploring Space!

Camp Out
We had a lovely time during our week-long campout! We made a trail mix to keep the munchies at bay, caught fireflies in a jar, created a compass necklace to help us find our way, "roasted" marshmallows, and told spooky stories around a campfire.
Little Scientists
As little scientists, we collected geodes that we were able to take home, and we even created our own crystals!!! We learned about weather systems (tornado in a bottle), polymers (water, ziplock bag, and sharp object), and chemical reactions (experiments with sodium bicarbonate and citric acid). The children also received a basic introduction to botany and how plants grow. 
Alien Adventures
As astronauts in training, our little space cadets, learned about telescopes, constellations, rockets, and all things extraterrestrial. They spent the week training and studying hard and are all well on their way to becoming NASA engineers.