Sunday, July 11, 2021

Summer at Marlowe (Part 1)

Pirate camp started June 7th, and our little buccaneers kept themselves very busy! 
They worked with all the materials in the classroom, but they focused on vexillology and geography.
They also made lots of crafts...
decorated their ship...
carefully navigated around rough waters...
and finished the week with a scavenger hunt that lead them to a chest filled with booty.
The next week was art camp. 
The children experimented with objects of various dimensions and shades of colors, unscrambled wooden carvings, and sorted objects by shape and size.
They created their own Picasso-inspired self-portrait. 
They pasted collages with papiers decoupes in the style of Henri Matisse. 
They even created their own modernized version of Starry Night.
They learned the history of several artists, and at the end of the week, they participated in a gallery walk.
Science camp was not all hard work! The children added an extra "M" in STEAM-M by including Movement in the mix. 
This week, the children excavated gemstones, learned about different rocks, worked with magnets, and created their own tornado, volcano, and crystal. 
They completed many math activities, experimented with changing the pH of various liquids, and they also constructed with K'NEX, LEGOs, and Lincoln Logs. 

Sunday, June 6, 2021

May at Marlowe - Part Two (Last Week of School!!)

 The last week of school was just three days, and two of those were half days. Monday was Field Day, and Tuesday was our dance recital.

In preparation for Field Day, we spent several days the week before tie-dying our t-shirts. 
We think they turned out pretty great!
We then played a lot of silly games. 

We finished out the afternoon with a glow-in-the-dark dance party. 
Tuesday was our ballet recital and a half-day for our "big kids" (five years and older). 

We couldn't have our families join us, but we recorded the program for their enjoyment. 
We had so much fun with your children this year, and we look forward to seeing so many of them for summer camp!