Monday, May 3, 2021

April at Marlowe

Our unit this month was all about our solar system and outer space, but we enjoyed all kinds of springtime fun as well! We searched for eggs during our inside/outside egg hunt and created several bunny-themed crafts. 

The children drew and painted a picture depicting April showers, and we're hoping that May brings us many flowers!! We have some tiny sprouts by our window, and we can't wait to see the flowers in bloom! 

Along with learning all about constellations and objects in outer space, our children spent lots of time working with all the materials in our classroom.

We are still planning on having our traditional end-of-year poem recital and tap/ballet performance! We will be recording both and posting them for parents to view later this month. 

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

March at Marlowe

Our unit this month was Fairy Tales from Here and Around the World. We read dozens of multi-cultural storybooks, sang many international songs, and studied lots of geography, cartography, and vexillology. We especially loved having Ms. Mary share her instrument collection with us! 

Along with their beautiful African masks project, the children made several crafts for St. Patrick's Day.
Dancing, sidewalk chalk, and "marshmallow building" continue to be classroom favorites, and the children have had so much fun working with all the materials too!