Sunday, September 2, 2018

Back to School!

School is back in session!! We welcomed our older students back into the classroom on the 15th. We packed in a bunch of "big kid lessons" and eased back into the school routine before the remainder of the class joined us on the 20th. We enjoyed art projects every day, lots of outdoor time, and ball games. 
However, the children walked in with work on their mind. Our four- and five-year-olds kept themselves busy with mapmaking, multiplication, division, work with perfect squares and cubes, stacked addition, 100 problem timed drill sheets, labeling, story writing, booklet making, and more!
Our older three-year-olds didn't hold back either. Check out their work below!
We love having so many new friends in our class, and we're excited to spend this year with your children. Have a great Labor Day, and we look forward to seeing you all soon!!