Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Marlowe Mornings at Home

Our children and teachers have been very busy at home these past few weeks. It is amazing how technology has allowed us to continue customizing each child's lesson plans and working with each child individually.

Over the past few weeks, the teachers have created and posted 140 lessons to Seesaw. We have made dozens of YouTube lessons and have provided PDFs and DIY suggestions for Montessori lessons such as 3-part-cards, constructive triangles, cards and counters, stamp game, labeling the environment, maps, labeling plants and vertebrates, flags, landforms, teens boards, tens boards, movable alphabet and more!

We have been able to give reading, math, and Spanish lessons via private Zoom meetings and correct papers over Seesaw. Just this morning, two little classmates sat with their laptops open on the opposite side of the table and did their handwriting together over Zoom - just like they would in class. 

Thank you so much for working along with us to not only help your child learn to read and write, but also love learning!