Sunday, February 28, 2021

February at Marlowe

Do you know how many teachers we have at Marlowe? We have three classroom teachers, a piano, music, Spanish, speech, tap/ballet, and sports teacher. One of our friends remembered all nine of them and brought them beautiful flowers for Valentine's Day!

We had so much fun celebrating Valentine's Day and spent the month creating beautiful projects! We made a stylized U.S. flag in honor of President's Day, and some of the older students sewed and decorated money pouches for Chinese New Year. They also read several biographies of famous Americans for Black History Month and completed some STEM projects. 

So much of Montessori involves more experienced students helping younger ones. Helping others in the classroom provides leadership opportunities while strengthening learned skills. 

We had two little ones start in January. See how this young three-year-old is getting help setting up her art activities. 

She then turns around and helps our new two-year-old with her pink tower. 

These two little ones have gotten so much love since they started. The classroom is filled with older students who love sharing their knowledge of the classroom with them. 
In between all the projects and celebrations and line dancing lessons (I may share a video of those later on), the children spent lots of time working with the materials. 

Parent-teacher conference are coming up. Don't forget to sign up!