Monday, August 6, 2018

The Last Weeks of Summer

Dino Time!
Our little paleontologists spent the week of July 16th digging up dinosaur claws, putting together skeletons, examining REAL fossils, and leaning the names of the ancient creatures that once roamed our planet. 
Ms. Mary came by for a special visit, and we loved learning new songs and dances from her!
Spy Camp
737 Miami Circle was selected at random to be the location of this year's International Spy Academy! Upon check-in on 23 July, all recruits were fingerprinted and handed a disguise, alternate identity, and spy kit.
The new recruits learned famous world landmarks, flags, and geography.
Senior agents were drilled on coded letters and number patterns...
...while their junior counterparts made coded bracelets.
 All recruits collected evidence and conducted secret spy mission (as well as other highly classified activities). 
School starts back next week!! I hope you civilians have had a lovely summer, and I look forward to seeing you all soon!