Thursday, July 30, 2020

Summer at Marlowe (Part 3)

We rocked out during paleontology camp! We cracked geodes, examined real fossils, and we even dug out our own dinosaurs and fossils. We studied the Mesozoic Era, and Ms. Roopal demonstrated how imprint fossils are made. Ms. Mary even made a special visit to play our favorite dinosaur song on the guitar!
Spy camp was especially sneaky this year. The children created and decoded secret messages, worked on learning several different foreign languages (along with ASL and Morse Code), studied geography, cartography, and vexillology, and created a secret identity. The highlight of the week was when the children used their new skills to unlock clues and discover a cash stash left by international bank robbers!!
We had lots of fun this summer, and as always, I was delighted by all the children's challenging work choices. I look forward to seeing many of you again in two weeks!

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