Saturday, December 1, 2018

November at Marlowe

We had tons of turkey time fun this month! We made several festive crafts, learned some turkey songs, and Ms. Mary even taught us a turkey dance!
Our Mystery Readers for this month were twin sisters of a current student (and also Marlowe alumni).  We loved having their puppy for show-and-tell. 
The puppy wasn't the only special animal on our campus this month. A petting zoo come to visit last week!! We had a cow, horse, donkey, three goats, a pig, sheep, bunny, and chicken on our playground for the better part of a morning. 
We watched the bulb we started to water last month grow even taller, started to sprout a cob of corn, and loved watching the pods of our new venus fly trap open and close. 
As always, we've been working hard in the classroom. We can't wait to show off our lessons during this month's Afternoon at Marlowe!

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