Sunday, June 18, 2017

Art & Pirates

What a busy past two weeks! We had lots of new little ones enter our classroom for the very first time. Camp is such a wonderful introduction to school. It's more relaxed and jam-packed with tons of fun. Our young twos received lots of lessons so they could get oriented in our classroom and have activities to keep them busy in between all of our projects and camp-themed events.
By the beginning of our second week, everything calmed down and the children got into a really great rhythm. 
Our first theme was art. We typically study famous artist and try to copy their works.  However, this year, we decided to change things up a bit and studied different art techniques. 
We started with paper mache. 
I highly recommend the recipes we used. The first layers were half water and half flour, and they dried extremely hard. The final layer was one part flour to five parts water (brought to a simmer on the stove), and it dried clear. 
We made an edible necklace.
We tried our hand at quilling (paper filigree).
We printed a cloth using the batik method. 
The children also did a lot of color grading work. 
Pirate camp was geared toward the landlubber with an eye for adventure. 
Everyone knows that geometry and astronomy are essential to navigation, and if you are unfamiliar with maps, how do you know where to sail? 
It is always a good idea to be familiar with local wildlife. 
Also, captains need to know how to spell in order to maintain their logs. 
You see? Every successful pirate needs a firm Montessori education.
Our swashbuckling buccaneers found doubloons (gold coins), walked the plank, swabbed the decks, 
and danced every day. 
Science camp is this week!! Get your goggles ready. 

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