Saturday, May 10, 2014

May at Marlowe

May has been a very busy month for us so far. We have had two amazing show-and-tells. 
(The caterpillars started to wrap themselves into a cocoon the last day of their visit.)
We have also been lucky enough to have TWO mommies come in to be Secret Chefs. 
One helped us make cake pops.
The other helped us make butterflies stuffed with an assortment of colorful snacks. 
We spent the better part of last week, getting ready for our Mommy and Me breakfast that was on Friday. We made lots of crafts and placed them in a bag as a present for our mommies. The children made a necklace, painted a pot and planted some flower seeds, and decorated a wind chime for their mommies.
Our pre-K students illustrated a picture for each of the poems in our poem recital. 
These pictures were hung on the wall and decorated our room for the special day.
 Our big boys spent the last few minutes before afternoon carpool on Thursday and helped the teachers dust the classroom shelves so the classroom would be sparklingly clean for our mommies.
In the midst of all of our busyness of the past week, I noticed one child reading to our guinea pig, and a big brother giving his two younger sisters a lesson on "objects that go together". :) 
We loved having our mommies and grandmas come to visit our classroom on Friday!
After breakfast, we recited nine Shel Silverstein poems and sang our multiples.
Then, the children showed their mommies around the classroom.
Have a lovely Mother's Day!

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