Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Surprises

We have had several special surprises in our classroom recently! 
A Secret Chef came for a visit and helped us capture the magic of a rainbow in a jar.  
We got a guinea pig of our very own to take care of and love, and we had the opportunity to host a practice teacher from the International Montessori Training Institute. 
metal insets; cards and counters
hand washing; bow frame
We have loved having Ms. Stephanie give lots of new lessons. 
addition strip board; color box 3: gradation of colors
subtraction finger chart; Draw Write Now
knobbless cylinders
After reading a book about different types of homes, one of our pre-K students drew a picture of each type he leaned about.
mopping up a spill; metal insets; scrubbing art trays

color box 3; number rods
I can't wait to see what springtime excitement next week brings!

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