Sunday, October 31, 2021

October at Marlowe

We are so happy to have visitors in our classroom again this year! Earlier this month, we hosted our first Mystery Reader in almost two years. She read us Julia, Child, and we loved it!
Ms. Mary came for her monthly visit, and she brought along spooky songs and instruments to share. 
We have so many piano lovers in the classroom. Several of our girls will sit at the piano and play during recess. I love hearing the spontaneous music. 
Our unit this month was all about the plants around us. We experimented with celery and colored water, dissected a pumpkin, watched a potato sprout, and planted pumpkin seeds. 
We spent the month working on our lessons and preparing for Halloween by creating multiple crafts to decorate our classroom. 
Happy Halloween!

Thursday, September 30, 2021

September at Marlowe

September was a busy month! Along with creating their own artwork within the classroom - booklets, maps, stencils, collages, paintings, diagrams, directed drawings, etc. - the children continued last month's theme and made their own version of Elmer. Some students opted to paint their elephants, and others tried their hands at Zentangles. 
Ms. Mary visited our classroom and taught us musical terms and lots of new songs.
The children's small group lessons focused on identifying living vs. non-living, plant vs. animal, the skeletal system, and body parts. We learned about our senses, how to stay healthy, and other fun facts about the body.
The children also enjoyed new lessons on materials in the classroom.